Clarify Your Thinking

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Clarify Your Thinking

One of my responsibilities has IT Customer Support Manager is managing the Helpdesk. To be effective on the Helpdesk Technician you need to understand all the roles you must play and be effective at performing each of them. The major roles that Helpdesk technicians must play are as follows: * Partner

* Problem Eliminator
* Communicator
* Data Gatherer
* Expert
* Customer Service Representative
All the roles require thinking but Problem eliminator, Communicator, and Data gatherer require you to utilize Critical Thinking skills.

Problem Eliminator - Helpdesk technicians don’t have time to waste, yet I often encounter technicians that spend time solving the same problems over and over. Time spent solving the same problem repeatedly is time wasted. In order to solve the problem in a timely manner the technician must listen to the user and evaluate their responses. The technician must clarify their thoughts to resolve the issue quickly.

Communicator - Not only do Helpdesk technicians need to communicate with end users but in most cases with at least four other groups. 1. Peers
2. Management
3. Vendor
4. Other IT Groups
On a Helpdesk, it’s vital that you exchange information with all groups. The information has to be clear and accurate. To achieve this, clarifying your thoughts is extremely important. Clarifying your thoughts to clearly understand, analyze, and evaluate the issue to share with others.

Data Gatherer – Helpdesk technicians are exposed to barrage of data. This data contains valuable opportunities for improvement, for preventing and resolving problems. Some of this data comes from your users. Users might be telling you what services or improvements would make it easier for them to do their jobs, or they may be giving them feedback about their performance. The technician must be willing to make listing a priority. An effective listener is a better thinker. This allows you to...
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