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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Associate Level Material
Appendix F

Security Manager Interview


Contact a security manager and conduct the interview listed in Part I (space has been provided for extra questions, should you ask any). Once the interview has been completed, answer the questions in Part II.

Part I: Interview Questionnaire
1. Can you briefly describe your current position, its duties, and responsibilities? Sgt Blocker: My position is Patrol Supervisor/Desk Sergeant. I am in charge of 15 officers. I am responsible for supervising officers preforming their day task, which include report writing and check their paperwork. 2. What is your hiring procedure like for personnel? Sgt Blocker: Our hiring procedure is a background check to include a interview and initial physical fitness test. You must pass all. 3. Is there any type of pre-employment screening? Our pre-employment screening looks for no major criminal record and prior military record helps. 4. What qualifications do you require of applicants? Sgt Blocker: We look for prior military experience but not required. A High School diploma and a social personality. 5. How extensive is the training period and process? Sgt Blocker: Your training takes three months at the academy. Where you have to pass test, physical, mental and qualify on the shooting range with your issued weapon. 6. What type of training manual do you use? What is included in this manual? Sgt Blocker: The manual we use is the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Manual. It includes the entire base regulations that base personal have to follow. Among this is procedures and protocol, and personnel requirement. 7. What are some of the things included in your policy and procedures manual? Sgt Blocker: Some of our procedures include how to check vehicles at our gates and what paperwork we use for reporting incidents. 8. How often is this manual updated? The Marine Corps Law Enforcement Manual is update every five years. 9....
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