Cjs Law Enforcement Today Week 4 Paper

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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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Law Enforcement Today

Trust is a huge issue police department’s face in today’s society. Society’s faith in policing has been diminishing as the century has passed because of corrupt police officers and brutality scandals. An immense amount of law enforcement administrators are overwhelmed with the task of again bringing a trust worthy structure to police departments. One reason for the corruptness is the extraordinary level of drugs, growing gang members, and guns in the different cities. Agencies are blind to see who they are hiring, some departments continue to hire the wrong type of people then are forced to participate in cover-ups of misconduct in hope the department will not receive a bad reputation. Money, a controversial issue, can be another factor. Officers that know and deal with the dangers of the daily life that citizens are living each day, are helpless to finding real hard-core evidence or gain real suspects as some small town departments are not funded for the more serious crimes. Stress is likely an issue that police officers in today’s society deal with. Humans just like the rest of us, police officers cannot show any symptoms of weakness in front of their co-workers, or emergency services as well as public safety workers, but more importantly the accused. Police officers do not have an easy job. These men and women are forced to make split-second decisions involving the life or death of not only themselves, but of the victims as well as the accused. Sometimes the decisions that officers make can result in serious injury or bring death to the wrong person. In some instances police officers are killed because they do not act quickly enough or make immediate decisions. Each day officers are subjected to danger and extreme mental coupled with physical stress. Unfortunately this intense amount of stress can cause officers to engage in brutal offenses, which...
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