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Topics: Crime, Juvenile delinquency, Criminal justice Pages: 6 (2053 words) Published: October 13, 2010
Justice System Position Paper
By Kyle Albertson
Axia University of Phoenix
August 15, 2010

Juveniles are undeniable the future of society so it is understandable that we must take extra precaution when dealing with juvenile delinquency. This is why the juvenile justice system should focus on rehabilitation efforts. After all the main goal of the juvenile justice system is to help children cope with their problems and to deter them from delinquency behavior. This essay will show that the aim of rehabilitation efforts is to treat juvenile deliquesce as children not as criminals, and to care, educate, and protect them and that focusing on punishment certainly does not do all this. The essay will explain how putting more emphases on juvenile rehabilitation would also lower the accountability of juvenile offenders in their contact rate and ultimately reduce their convictions in the adult criminal justice system. Furthermore, this essay will focus on how punishment does not guarantee to be effective and that in the adult criminal justice system punishment has increased the prison population significantly and spiked up the cost of keeping a person incarcerated. If this is allowed to happen in the juvenile justice system then it will only cripple it and limit its ability to accomplish its goals. The juvenile justice system focusing their efforts on rehabilitation will have a minor impact on law enforcement agencies. Only a few changes will need to be made on the law enforcement side of the juvenile justice system. Law enforcement officers will be encouraged to use a little more leniency when it comes to juvenile delinquency. Law enforcement officers already have the leeway to use discretion when dealing with offenders so there will be no need to have to change any of their policies. Police agencies showing a little leniency will help to gain the juveniles trust. What will need to change is the law enforcements ability to decide what should be done with juvenile delinquency. This would require the police agency to trace juveniles who have had run-ins with trouble before. Police agency will need to communicate will other juvenile agencies such as department of human services that may have further information on the juveniles. Acquiring access to juvenile’s entire criminal records or other records will help them determine if the juvenile should be given a second chance or forwarded to the juvenile court system. Using this tactic towered juveniles will help the juvenile justice system locate troubled juveniles so they can take care of them. The effects of the juvenile justice system focusing on rehabilitation will have a greater impact on the juvenile courts system. The juvenile court system will have to go through many changes. The judges and case workers will have to go through training to gain the knowledge of implementing various rehabilitation programs for juvenile delinquency. The court system will need to incorporate sentencing guidelines based on the severity of offense and criminal history to settle on what rehabilitation program a juvenile should receive. The sentencing guidelines will aid the court system in determining the best treatment for their behavior problems. Guidelines would also be set up automatically to issue rehabilitation programs for minor offenses. This would help juveniles escape the prosecution process of the court system and head straight to the rehabilitation. Not only will this help get juveniles treatment but also alleviate the amount of time judges spend on cases so that more important cases can be paid more attention too. Probably the most influenced part of the juvenile justice system focusing on juvenile rehabilitation is the juvenile correctional facilities. Correctional facilities need to set up assessment centers for juveniles that first inter the facilities. These assessment centers will keep the juvenile away from the general population while...
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