Cjs 220 Checkpoint 2 Court System Structure

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I live in Tennessee, and my court system consist of 4 major types. The first is limited jurisdiction court, which consists of juvenile court, general session’s court, and municipal courts. The next step is general jurisdiction courts, which consists of circuit courts, chancery courts, probate courts, and criminal courts. The next step would be intermediate appellate courts. These courts consist of court of appeals and court of criminal appeals. Last but not least is court of last resort, or Supreme Court. Each state has their own set of courts, so they are all different. For instance, Mississippi courts differ slightly from Tennessee’s yet have somewhat of the same structure. Their first level of court is limited jurisdiction, which consists of justice court, municipal court, chancery court, and county courts. The next level would be general jurisdiction court, which unlike Tennessee, only had one court. That one court is called circuit court. After general jurisdiction court is intermediate appellate court. This court consists of only one court, which is court of appeals. The only classification of courts in which Tennessee and Mississippi share is the court of last resort, which is the Supreme Court.

If you break down each level of the courts, both states have some of the same and different courts. Although they are heard in different courts, each level hears the same cases in the same categories in both states. For instance, both Mississippi and Tennessee courts hear juvenile cases in the limited jurisdiction court category. Although they are in the same category, Mississippi hears their juvenile cases in county courts, or chancery if there are no county courts, where Tennessee actually has a court specifically designed for juveniles.

I’m not sure if I can necessarily say that one form of court is any more efficient than the other because of their surroundings. Each court system has been slowly changed and adapted to the situation and criminal...
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