Cjs/200 Law Enforcement Today

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Law Enforcement Today
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CJS 200
January 20, 2013
Kenneth Bitting

Law Enforcement Today

There are several issues that face police departments today, too many to possibly count, however I believe that there are quite a few that are small and would be better focused on within the department. Now there are some that could be solved on a larger scale. I am going to define and review a few issues that do affect police departments and provide my own opinion on what could be done to change them to show positive results. Now local and county police only job is to keep the peace and serve and protect. If there were no police then crime would run wild, there would be absolute anarchy and chaos. Police is necessary to ensure the survival of the human race. The United States Department of Homeland Security and local, federal, and state law enforcement agencies are working together to assist in the prevention of crime, or at least trying to do so. The DHS has integrated several ways to share information and they boast it is one of the key elements of their strategy. For federal officials, the post-9/11 threat environment requires a trusted partnership among federal, state, and local agencies to make information sharing integrated, interconnected, effective and as automatic as possible in order to ensure our national security. Additionally, numerous governmental, commercial, and non-governmental organizations provide officials with homeland security alerts, updates, and databases to support preparedness efforts. Now I am in no way a expert on this situation, however I believe that it should not stop at just information sharing. While this helps abundantly in several different ways, I believe that it should go far beyone just sharing information. I think that local law enforcement should be tied to the DHS and report to this office on a regular basis. This would help with different strategies on how to effectively reduce crime as well as share information...
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