Cja354 Week 5 - Victim and Crime Evaluation Paper

Topics: Crime, Domestic violence, Criminal justice Pages: 4 (1398 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Victims and Crime Evaluation

Victims and Crime Evaluation

The Criminal Justice system today is our scale of judgment. It plays a major part in how we live and how we continue to live among all the dangers, evil and corruption that surrounds us. Without it there wouldn't be the fine line of right and wrong, there wouldn't be justice. Those that are considered victims in our criminal justice system would turn and become the aggressors and the criminals if we didn't have a Legal System, and we would live in a world of chaos. Many individuals each have a role to play in our Criminal Justice System; there are the Criminals and the Victims which create the unfortunate events to which justice has to be served, and then there are the Defense Attorneys and the Prosecutors who do their best to uphold the justice system and make sure that justice is served. 

            When a crime is committed especially a violent crime, there are many individuals that play a role in the outcome and the solution to justice. The Criminal; this is the person that is committing the crime or is accused of committing the crime; he/she who plays a part in the violent hurting and abusing of others and or their properties. Where there is a criminal there is always a Victim or someone that is affected by this person’s actions. When legal action is present there are the legal authorities that fight to defend the victim and also the criminal. The Prosecutor; is considered the public official who institutes legal proceedings against the criminal or the defendant, he/she is an advocate for the victim or a legal officer upholding the justice in court. Then there is the Defense Attorney; who is an advocate to the defendant. As stated by Lord Henry Brougham of England “The lawyer’s first and only duty is to save their client by all means and at all hazards and costs to other persons within the bounds of the law. He satisfies his duties to the administration of justice and...
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