Cja 463 Malfunction Junction

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Junction city is a rapidly growing community that has seen a wide amount of change over the past few year. The growth of the town has resulted in a shift of the balance to a more of a Hispanic community due to the local industry. For the town of Junction city the summer always brings in different people for all walks of life with tourism of the ocean and the beaches. Since being in a recession, the amount of sworn officers that the town has has dropped down to the low level of just 100. With having only that many officers and with the boom of tourism there are going to be problems that are created and the officers are being put with an unmanageable caseload of work. Since being appointed the new chief of police it is the sworn duty of the chief of police of Junction city to come up with a viable plan as to what can be done to improve morale within the department and what options are available to help the officer out.

Whenever there is talk about shifting from one type of policing to another there are going to be some sort of problems and friction between the change in new to old. It not going to be a easy transition when you are switching the whole policing organization and mind setting of Junction City. The old chief had been in the position for ten years and the officers that are still working at Junction City remember the way that things were before the switch in practice and policy. There is going to officer who are there from the change in regime and you have to address their issues and try to make the switch as smooth and friendly as possible. Police officers are no different than every day people. They are not going to want to change the idea and the practices that they have been using for years. The best way to get thru this is to place an enhanced emphasis on how the new practices of community oriented police are going to held the officers to reduce some of the workload and some of the stress.

According to the text there are seven elements that are...
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