Cja 454 (Management)

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Hattie Cunningham
CJA 454
November 30, 2013
Maryanne Denner

In ensuring justice out of the criminal act, there should be well-explained guideline adopted across all the states. This can only be possible through a well-established body for funding the whole exercise and the law enforcers being behind the guideline of the set policies or laws. In a statistics Bureau for justice, 27 states adopted the truth in sentencing guideline of the federal, which were getting funds for expansions from the VOI/TIS. Upon exceeding the requirements, which was to be in line with the allocated resources by many States, a broader sentencing guide was imposed. To amend the law in relation to the extra costs and may be lawbreaker who had served a long-term jail be allowed amnesty but Arizona amended its laws that required its prisoners serve an entire sentence. Importantly, the guidelines for justices should be of concrete foundation and not based because of funding. To ensure that the law and justices is followed to the required standards, it is important the governing body allocate and set up commission that will stand by these guidelines (Smith, 2002).

As per the justice department, the federal government was capable of distributing or disbursing $ 2.7 billion in national wide grants to any of the state that could adopt realms of offenses guidelines as a way of curbing offenses that were violent. In order to ensure criminal justice is enhanced in the State, there must be a commission for justices whose aim and mission is to allocate, manage and direct any available resources. For the justices’ commission in Arizona, the commission is to ensure cohesiveness, coordination, and effectiveness of the criminal activity and other related issues. The total expenditures in the criminal justices is intended to monitor any existing criminal case related and ensuring that all the requirement are made in regard to the exercise of maintaining law and...
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