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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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|Discussion Question | |Week 1 DQ 1 |

Due Week 1 Day 3

Please post your response to the following discussion question. Responses should be between 300-500 words.
Give an example of a contemporary issue currently facing the criminal justice system. How does this issue impact the criminal justice system? What would happen if this issue was magnified (or decreased)? What would the implications be for the various personnel in the criminal justice system? Explain.

An example of a contemporary issue currently facing the criminal justice system is the overpopulation and the lack of rehabilitation within the prison systems. Prisons just do not work. Most people who have been in jail or prison will return at one point or another in their lives. Some criminals will return multiple times. This shows that the prison systems while they work to house criminals and keep them away from society. They do not properly rehabilitate people to prevent them from returning. This causes over population within the prison system because the prison has to house the new offenders along with the return offenders. This issue affects the criminal justice system because if the prisons do not properly rehabilitate the prisons they will again commit crimes and this cause’s law enforcement to have to arrest the criminal. In addition, they will have to go through the already overburdened court system. This is a problem because it is more taxpayer’s money being spent to deal with the repeat offenders. If this issue was magnified, I believe it would result in complete chaos in the criminal justice system. There would be no were to house the criminals. If this issue was decreased, then it would help the criminal justice stem run smoothly and there would be less repeat offenders going through the criminal justice system. The implication on the various personnel if this issue was magnified...
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