Cja/314 Week 1 Criminology in the Criminmal Justice System

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  • Published : May 6, 2012
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Criminology in the 21st Century

Richard Smith


Mrs. Brandeis


Criminology in the 21st Century

The metropolitan areas alone are recognized for crimes on a daily basis. Throughout this paper we will be discussing the comparison of the occurrence of the offenses in the selected areas. We will be identifying the number of occurrences reported to the police for each area and addressing reported incidents, rates of the crimes, rate changes and differences in the rates. Two metropolitan areas we will be discussing will be Allentown PA and Albany-Schenectady NY.

Comparing the two areas one does see that Albany NY had 316 reported cases of robbery in the year of 2010 where Allentown PA had 460 cases of robbery reported to the police (Metropolitan Statistical Area, 2010). Thus said, we clearly see that Allentown PA had more cases of robbery reported to the police within a year period of time. According to (Metropolitan Statistical Area, 2010) “total reported robbery cases to the police in Albany NY and its surrounding townships was 838 where to the surrounding townships of Allentown PA was at a steady 775 cases reported”. One can see clearly that Allentown PA had more cases reported however; with total cases including the surround townships, Albany NY had more reported cases.

The rates of the crime for each area were based on 100,000 inhabitants. Albany NY was at 98.5 percent compared to Allentown PA’s rate at 93.6 percent (Metropolitan Statistical Area, 2010). Many may say each area was at a high rate but if one was to look further into detail, it would more than likely be even more of a higher rate because not all robbery cases are reported to police in either area. Yes, Albany NY’s rate is slightly higher than Allentown PA’s rate but one may think that the population may be bigger than that of Allentown PA’s population.

Rates vary over time as we know. Rates...
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