Cja/224 Court History and Purpose Paper

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  • Published : June 1, 2012
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Court History and Purpose. The courts are a critical component of American criminal justice because they determine what should happen to people charged with violating the law. Courts are important beyond criminal justice, too. Disputes that arise between private parties, businesses, government officials, and the like are brought to court in order to ensure that they are heard, ideally, in a neutral forum (Siegel, Schmalleger, & Worrall, 2011). Succeeding in liberation and independence is difficult within the world and as simple as legally right and legally wrong. Courts emphasize on the power of the state and the legitimate use of force and protect people against the random use of legislative authority. The tension among the general public independence and social order is long-lasting. The court front-runners recognize it is never just one way to handle a situation, the need for an unbiased and self-governing court is embedded in the social circumstance. To understand the whole court process there are three distinct elements that have to be consider to become a court, it must have proper legal authority and have all of the guild lines within the constitution. Courts are generally found in the judicial as opposed to legislative and executive branches of government, and ‘courts are empowered to make decisions that are binding. The notion of “deciding upon cases, controversies in law, and disputed matters of fact” is known as adjudication, or “the process by which a court arrives at a decision regarding a case” (Siegel, Schmalleger, & Worrall, 2011). Following this further, there are different types of courts and different levels so it is very important that people understand and know the differences between civil and criminal courts. Civil courts focus on deciding on cases that involves private parties and criminal courts focus on offenders that are assumed to be guilty of breaking the laws....
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