Civil War Lesson Plan

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Civil War Lesson Plan

By | October 2010
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I have chosen the topic of the Civil war. There are several reasons for this: one, I am a Civil War reenactor; two, I have historical items that were my ancestors from the Civil War; three, the history of the Civil War is a passion of mine. Lesson Title - Civil War

Objectives of this lesson:
A. Listening/Speaking/purposes: The student listens actively and purposefully in a variety of settings. The student is expected to determine the purposes for listening such as to gain information, to solve problems, or to enjoy and appreciate knowledge. B. Writing/purposes: The student writes for a variety of audiences and purposes, and in a variety of forms. The student is expected to write to express, discover, record, develop, reflect on ideas, and to problem solve. C. History: The student understands political, economical, and social changes that occurred in the United States during the 19th century. The student is expected to be able to describe the causes and effects of the Civil War. First step: I will ask the students to list what they know about the Civil War, and put these things on one side of the board. Second step: I will ask the students what they would like to know or learn about the Civil War and then write these things on the other side of the board. Third step: I will pass out some hardtack before the lesson (which was made the night before using the recipe bellow this lesson plan). I will then instruct the students to sit in a circle. While the students eat their hardtack, I will discuss the war soldiers' diet, show them some actual artifacts from the war, and present facts about the Civil War to the students in a story form.

The students will identify the facts about the Civil War by completing a matching quiz.

I will display ten facts about the Civil War on the overhead and allow volunteers to read the facts. After I explain the objectives to the students, I will turn off the overhead and introduce the...

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