Civil War Knamean

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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I. The Civil War Begins
a. Confederates Fire on Fort Sumter
i. Fort Sumter was a southern fort that remained in unions control ii. Lincoln declared her would neither reinforce Fort Sumter nor abandon it. 1. Next Jefferson Davis chose to attack Sumter which started the war a. Fort Sumter fell

b. Virginia seceded
b. Americans Expect a Short War
iii. Union and confederate Strategies
2. The Union had enormous advantages in resources, manpower, factories, food, and transportation 3. The Confederacy had other advantages, such as their cotton sale which provided profits in the world market, also soldiers were more motivated iv. Anaconda Plan

4. Union navy would blockage southern ports
5. Split Confederacy in 2
6. Capture the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia v. Bull Run
7. 3 months after Fort Sumter Union soldiers marched toward Richmond and met near a little creek named Bull run. c. Lincoln commanded an attack
d. Confederate general gained the nickname Stonewall Jackson, and won the battle c. Union Armies in the West
vi. Lincoln drafted 500,000 men to serve 3 years instead of 3 months, 3 days later he called for an additional 500,000 men. 8. He also appointed General George McClellan to lead this new Union army vii. Forts Henry and Donelson

9. Union army invade western Tennesse under Ulysses S. Grant e. Successful for Union
viii. Shiloh
10. Grant gathered his troops in Shiloh after victory and Fort Henry and Donelson f. Confederate surprise-attacked the Union, Grant ordered a counter attack the following day and the Confederate retreated ix. Farragut on the lower Mississippi

11. David G. Farragut was the navy leader of the Union...
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