Civil War History

Topics: American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, Confederate States of America Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: July 13, 2013
Section1 1. The battle of Antietam- the Battle of Antietam took place on September 17th, 1862 and was the highpoint of the confederates and general Robert E. Lees push to carry the war to the north. 40000 Southerners were small against 87,000 men under the Federal Army. More men were killed and wounded on that day than any other day of the civil war. Federal losses were 12,410, to the 10,700 Confederate losses. Although neither side gained a decisive victory, Lee's failure to carry the war effort effectively into the North caused Great Britain to postpone recognition of the Confederate government. The battle gave President Abraham Lincoln the chance to issue the Emancipation Proclamation, which would declare all slave states free. The wars purpose came clear at this point to preserve the Union and end slavery. 2. The Election of 1860- The main issue of the presidential election of 1860 was the issue on slavery. Battles spread to new territories because of this issue and the nation needed a leader. Lincoln’s ambition to be a strong person and a leader for the republicans in Illinois began to turn into a desire to run for the Republican nomination for president. Lincoln’s supporters gave him the nicknames of “Honest Abe”, and “The Rail Splitter” which reminded him of his manual labor he performed in his youth. Between the time Lincoln was nominated and the election in November, he had little to do. Members of political parties held rallies and torchlight parades. Lincoln did appear at one rally in Springfield, Illinois in August. He was mobbed by an enthusiastic crowd and was lucky not to have been injured. Lincoln won the election against Senator Douglas and it came at a time with great significance in American history because it was in time of a national crisis and brought Lincoln with his anti-slave views to the Whitehouse.
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