Civil War Dbq

Topics: American Civil War, Confederate States of America, Abraham Lincoln Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Exam Document Based Questions
1a. What policy toward the continuation of slavery does Lincoln support?
As long as we do not allow slavery to expand it will eventually die out. The founding fathers of our nation first established the policy and Lincoln is just trying to bring it back. 1b. Why does Lincoln support that policy?

President Lincoln supports the policy because he eventually wamts slavery to die out. He realizes that it will not go away if he just makes it illegal over night so he wants to limit the spread into new territories. 2a. Who does the author of this editorial blame for the tensions between the North and the South? How is this opinion supported?

The New Orleans editorial blames the tensions on the North and Abraham Lincoln. They believe that the South was just fine before the North stepped in and created conflict, it almost gives it a feel like the north is a bully. 2b. What consequences does the author believe that Lincolns election will have for the southern states?

They think that it is the defeat of the South and will completely ruin the social, political, and industrial institutions of the South. 3a. What do the two main figures in the cartoon represent?
Columbia represents the Government and the thin man choking is the rebels breaking the rules of the Constitution.

3b. What is the primary message of the cartoon?
The government has power over the rebels, and will take action against them. 4a. According to this letter, what did Lee decide to do?
Lee resigns from the Army, he thinks it is too much for him to handle at this time. 4b. How do Lee’s words contrast with the image of southerners as depicted in the cartoon from Document 3?
In Document 3 the rebels of the south were at least trying to fight back but Lee is just giving up and resigning while the confederates need him it is a rather selfish act.. 5a. What does the person in the tree represent?

The person in the tree represents the slave supporters of the South...
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