Civil War

Topics: American Civil War, Abolitionism, Abraham Lincoln Pages: 3 (1058 words) Published: March 20, 2013
The Causes of the Civil War
During the 1800s, tension in the United States grew furiously and rampantly between political parties. The prominence and acceptance of slavery as a necessity within southern states launched a war that divided the nation in half. The issue of slavery consequently became a cornerstone in further defining freedom for Americans. Those opposed to slavery fought for the freedom of oppressed black slaves, while those who promoted and accepted the enslavement of human beings fought for freedom from federal rule. Both sides were passionate about their cause, thus sustaining a long, brutal and bloody war. To understand the escalation of the civil war, it is important to become familiar with the perspectives of the extremist political adversaries. The Democratic Party defended slavery by declaring the enslavement of black people as part of natural order. They thought blacks were meant to be ruled and viewed them as nothing more than property. The notion of abolishing slavery violated what they considered to be an organic right from God to dominate the lesser man. This violation was seen as an act of aggression against their livelihood, although during the outbreak of war, only a fraction of southern democrats actually owned slaves. The Republican Party, which favored the abolition of slavery, grew leery of southern intentions to not only keep slavery as a means of production, but to ensure that the entire nation recognized and protected their right to do so. By allowing slavery to remain in southern states, the United States would therefore be labeled as a slave nation- an idea that disgusted progressive abolitionists. As democrats argued for their right to continue their way of life without interference from the federal government, republicans began to suspect more sinister intentions and labeled the opposing party as the “slave power conspiracy”. Southerners seemed to be fighting for more than a state’s right to decide the legality...
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