Civil War

Topics: American Civil War, United States, Confederate States of America Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Back in the day when the Civil War was just beginning, there were a lot of problems with our nation; slavery and war where a huge part of the problem. People were getting mistreated because of their race and Lincoln tried to change that with becoming president. People stood up to what they believed in and fought for what was right. With this all happening, anything could change the way we live our lives into today’s world. Antietam was one of the bloodiest battles that ever happened in the Civil War, in a single day. In our history this battle had changed the war so much, it impacted on how people will think of the war. This battle showed how strong the south was against the north in numbers, but did not overtake in skill. Even though this battle was won by the north, it does tell how strong the south was because they took this loss like nothing. Before the battle even happened a day or two before, the numbers of the confederates was a small number. But that changed when about 50,000 more men were invited to join the Confederate side. If this attack was to happen earlier, this battle would have been a great Union victory over the south. Next, the political view of the Civil War. Abe Lincoln was elected to become the president of the United States, also to become a commander of the Union. Lincoln’s whole idea during his term was to help the slaves out as much as he could. Well the south didn’t like how he wanted it so, the south started to secede from the country .He declared war against the south in order to stop slavery. When he first started out his first battle was the biggest of the war. After this battle there were many to follow. During the war, Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation that stated if the north captured the slaves from the south, they could have been let free to do what they please in the north. His importance to this was that he had the army to take control of major forts and win the war. After the war was over he was re...
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