Civil Unrest

Topics: Adolf Hitler, World War II, Nazi Germany Pages: 4 (1605 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Ryan Donovan
Civil Unrest

1. What is Civil Unrest and how does it pertain to what we have just read? Civil unrest is when a group of citizens in a country revolt and protest against a higher power. They convey their messages through protests, rallies, riots, and public demonstrations. They can be peaceful or violent. This relates to “Persepolis” because it takes place during the Iranian revolution. During this time, the people were revolting against the new government and their strict rules and regulations. They had violent protests in the streets where several people were wounded or killed.

2. What is the name of the country, and the context information that is pertinent? In the early 1920’s, just following World War I, Germany’s government and economy were crumbling. Many citizens, mostly veterans from the war, were angry at the state of their country, and were rejecting the post-war treaties and agreements. They believed that their country’s troubles were caused by Jews, communists, and other groups that were considered “inferior” to the Aryan race. In the 1930’s, the National Socialist Party, or Nazi party arose and began to persuade the German public that they were the solution to Germany’s troubles. With their leader, Adolf Hitler, they were able to gain political power in 1933, with Hitler being named Chancellor of Germany. In 1934, Hitler became supreme dictator, or “Fuhrer” of Germany, and had total power. Hitler and the rest of the Nazi party were idolized by the public in hopes that they would restore their country to prosperity and become powerful.

3. What is the source of the civil unrest in the country? When did it begin and what is happening now? The source of the civil unrest in the country was Germany’s defeat on World War I. After the war, Germany was in great political and economical turmoil. The public was looking for a solution to bring Germany back from the ground. The rise of the Nazi party gave them hope, with its...
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