Civil Rights V. Public Order

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  • Published : January 30, 2011
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Nicole Hebert
Civil Rights Vs Public Order
January 16, 2011

Civil Rights means that people have the right to be treated no better or no worse than any other of their fellow citizens. It is the rights to personally liberty for everyone. Most importantly, it’s their freedom.

Here in recent years, we have been giving up many of our civil rights in the name of public order. I’m going to present evidence to back up my opinion. Whereas I must first define what public order is.

Public order is the idea that everyone in the public behaves themselves. It’s the lack of crimes being committed and everybody obeying the laws and rules. Public order itself means everything is safe and secure. This in itself is a great thing, but at what cost?

My example would have to be 9/11 and the after effects of terrorist threats. Our nation was attacked by terrorists that had hijacked airplanes. Flights are grounded for a while after this event. Flights once again resume. Every so often, there is a threat of terrorism involving an airplane.

To maintain public order in the airports and on the planes themselves, new rule about flying had to be implemented. Airport security now has the power to see inside of our clothing, they get can conduct the most invasive of searches, and can even pull you out at random for additional screening. In the wake of these events, many people have been outraged about all of the invasive procedures they need to undergo just to make a flight to see someone. This has also affected the sale of airline tickets, as a lot of people are no longer willing to put up with it in order to fly. Many civil rights taken away right there in the name of safety.

My opinion on this matter is actually quite simple. I honestly believe things were better in a pre 9/11 world. Flying used to be such a great experience. Not only has security changed, but what you can and can’t take on board an airplane has as well. They want to pull out things as harmless as...
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