Civil Rights Paper

Topics: White people, Rights, Civil and political rights Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: March 3, 2013
These rights were mainly written to protect minorities The Act, despite its many strengths was met with much opposition from many different groups.Overall, Americans that experienced any kind of discrimination benefited from this law. This is not to say that people were stripped of their opinions and brainwashed by the government that every man and woman was created equal. People still had their opinions but the Civil Right Act of 1964 made it illegal to segregate or deny any one specific group of people for their differences.

Because all Americans that could fill out a voting application had the right to vote politicians running for any position in office were effected. The political views of minorities were being released from their shell of silence and breaking the barriers of those in office. Some people took action and went as far as shooting colored people that planned to vote. Fortunately, their voices were not so easily smothered beneath a pillow of intimidation. Colored people continued to practice their right to vote no matter the consequence, for they knew that the moment they give up, they give in.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 altered the current state of America's “normal culture”. As black children were allowed share the same school as white kids, colored children received the same education. Their mind were nurtured with each word they wrote and each test they took. Blacks were beginning to be accepted to major colleges and went on to be professionals in their field. Blacks could live in the same neighborhoods and apartment buildings as whites so children were immersed in different cultures and lifestyles.

America was transforming into one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. Not only were minorities spun around but different religions were introduced. People that had once kept their religion a secret out of fear were now advertising it. They went door to door in search of someone to listen to the every detail of...
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