Civil Rights Movement

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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The Civil Rights Movement made a major impact on how today’s society is. The Civil Rights Movement was an era in America when blacks fought for racial equality. Numerous actions took place in the post World War II era that led to the gain of equality. Individuals alone made a great effect because it made people realize how determined they were. Certain Individuals created organizations to make protest more coordinated. The government also took part in the changing of lives for African Americans. President Johnson said, “… Every American citizen must have an equal right to vote. There is no reason which can excuse the denial of that right…” (Doc. 6) Having a second Reconstruction gave African Americans another chance to fight for equality. With the help of the government, and drive of individuals and organizations, African Americans were able to achieve their goal, but with unfortunate speed bumps.

Due to the failure of the “first” Reconstruction, a second Reconstruction was necessary. The first reconstruction failed to bring full and equal citizenship to African Americans and as a result, came the era of the Civil Rights Movement. This action was the result of many individuals, great leaders, organized groups and government mediation.

During the Civil Rights Movement, many blacks and whites fought for racial equality. Even if you were just an ordinary citizen, taking part in this movement made a huge difference. These individuals showed how important it was to have an equal country. Even well known individuals played a part. The famous baseball player, Jackie Robinson believed in fighting for civil rights as well. He stated that society can remain good only as long as people are willing to fight for it. (Doc. 2) Although he did not take part in protests, this speech influenced many persons. Martin Luther King Jr, an inspiring civil rights leader, thought that using non- violence would prove how serious it was to African Americans. They didn’t want to cause...
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