Civil Rights in the Sixties

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  • Published : December 9, 2010
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“Civil Rights in the Sixties”

University of Phoenix HIS/145

Kristin Nelson

Mallory Edinborough

July 19, 2010

During the 60’s the United States was in a chaotic state of mind. There was the Vietnam War, conflicts around the world, assassinations of Presidents, and continuous problems in the economical world. But within all this drama in America there was a great rising among the minority population of the United States The Civil Rights movement was in full effect and people all around America were letting there voice be heard both positively and negatively. In the following paper I am going to discuss the civil rights movement during the 60’s, and how it has continued to affect our nation today. I will be discussing the public opinion and media coverage of the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King, Jr. and the nonviolent protest movement, and Malcolm X and the changing nature of the movement later in the 60’s.

With the growing popularity of TV brought Americans closer to what was happening during this period in time then ever before. Media Coverage of the civil rights movement helped to fuel the opinion of both sides and brought many of the problems to the living rooms of families all over the world. In the article The Civil Rights Movement and Television, it states,

“The NAACP's 1954 landmark Supreme Court case, Brown vs. Board of education, along with the brutal murder of 15-year-old Emmet Till in Mississippi and the subsequent acquittal of the two white men accused of his murder marked the beginning of America's modern Civil Rights Movement. The unprecedented media coverage of the Till case rendered it a cause to celebrate that helped to swell the membership ranks of civil rights organizations nation- wide. As civil rights workers organized mass boycotts and civil disobedience campaigns to end legal segregation and white supremacist terror in the South, white segregationists mounted a counter-offensive that was swift and too...
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