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  • Published : December 10, 2013
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American Women Civil Liberties and Rights

Civil liberties and rights in America are often associated with African American movements and their battles against social racism and inequality throughout the years. As much as I was tempted to write this paper on that particular subject, I decided to direct it to another problem our society is currently facing, Abortion. The right to privacy is a civil liberty every American enjoys. The right to privacy is an important freedom for everyone everywhere not just in certain states. Women in America should have the right to do whatever she feels is best for her. The street law website states, “The fourteenth amendment says not state shall deny to any person with in justification the equal protection of the laws.” Women in America are concerned states having different laws concerning abortion. Women have different reasons for wanting or needing an abortion. Some women may be restrictive to the laws and her life could be in danger. The law in Texas states women cannot receive an abortion unless her life could be in danger. This restriction on abortion infringes on the civil liberties of women in the United States. Personally, I believe women should have the right to receive an abortion under certain circumstances. I agree with the law in Texas to a point. I feel if the woman’s life is in jeopardy, if the pregnancy is a result of a rape, or if the fetus is not developing normally are the only reasons I think a woman should receive an abortion. This may be hypocritical of me, but I believe an abortion should not be a justification for birth control. I feel strongly about the right of a woman to choose life or to choose an abortion. By decriminalizing abortion nationwide, the ruling was supposed to allow all women, not just those who were wealthy or well-connected the right to control the size of their families, their personal health and their physical and economic future. This is a matter of fundamental...
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