Civil Rights

Topics: Civil disobedience, African American, Nonviolence Pages: 4 (1376 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Civil Rights Movement was an organization that was formed with a purpose of protecting human rights of individuals in America. The chairman of this organization was Martin Luther King Jr., who was optimistic that his leadership would help the movement to attain its goal. The main goal of this organization was to ensure that African American citizens were treated equally compared to their American counterparts. The movement centered on ensuring that all Blacks access basic privileges and opportunities just like the Americans did. The main areas of concern of this movement were education, voting rights and social segregation. All African Americans were economically and politically powerless due to the fact that they were not given a chance to vote. Hard work and determination among the members of the Civil Rights Movement greatly contributed to the success of this movement. This paper analyses different methods that were used by Civil Rights Movement in achieving their goal. In addition it addresses different elements that saw success of this movement. Means that were employed by the Civil Rights Movement

All movements apply different strategies and tactics in ensuring that they achieve their goals. The strategies that were applied by the Civil Rights Movement were mainly geared towards solving major challenges, which faced the black in the whites’ land. The Civil Rights Movement strongly believed that problems of Africans mainly originated from top officials of the government. It further argued that formulators of government policies were ignorant of the type of discrimination that Africans faced (Krochmal, 2010). This movement decided to apply a reformist strategy rather than a revolutionary method in fighting for the rights of the blacks.  Methods under the reformist tactic were negotiation, petition, nonviolent protests and legal means. Even though this movement applied a reformist tactic it argued that it needed a revolutionary change that would see Africans...
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