Civil Liability and Private Police Paper

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California Private Security Laws
October 15, 2013
Debbie Travis

California Private Security Laws

In the state of California the days of hiring anybody to fill security guard vacancies are long gone. No longer are the security professional people those who cannot find employment elsewhere because of legal or educational issues. The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) under the Department of Consumer Affairs requires a security professional to possess on his or her body a valid security guard registration card and valid photo identification. These regulations are not on for the individual security professional but also for anyone or company providing private security or protection services. BSIS monitors unlicensed activity and may initiate administrative, civil, or criminal enforcement actions for violations.

The governing body for security and protective services in the state of California is the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services that falls under the California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA). DCA provides protective services to consumers and also protects licensed professionals from unfair competition by unlicensed companies and organizations (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, 2007). Companies and individuals, which fall under the jurisdiction of the DCA, are security guards, alarm companies, locksmiths, and private investigators. The DCA monitors any violations of California rules and regulations that pertain to these occupations.

The state of California has some of the strictest guidelines for security personnel, companies, and organizations. The state requirements for a security guard are as follows: he or she must receive eight hours of training and instruction on “Power to Arrest” training and also pass a state examination. The security professional is required to complete an...
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