Civil Engineer

Topics: Civil engineering, Engineering, Building Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: March 23, 2011
In today’s world, civil engineers are one of the most important in the world. Due to the needs of works in every aspect of all society, many improvements are still needed to be done in a society. For instance, the construction of the dams and power stations that provide the electricity that the people use every day requires civil engineer. Generally, the water and sewage treatment plants have also provide people with safe water supplies require the expertise of civil engineers. Therefore, these mentioned above are only some and considered to be included in a society. Additionally, the paths and roads people travel are civil engineering projects. Presently, Civil engineers have one of the world’s important professions, building our quality of life. Civil engineers are important in our society because they deal with design, construction and maintenance of the naturally built environments. Without civil engineers, no one will plan and manage the construction of public and private buildings and facilities. First of all, before civil engineers construct bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings, they design on how they will construct effectively. Presently, design is a total incremental experience which involves many techniques and skills and which requires practice and teamwork. Currently, civil engineers design utilities a relatively small number of basic structural elements to build up structural systems that can be very complex. Civil engineers ensure their designs satisfy given design criteria, predicated on safety. In addition, structures must not collapse without warning and building sway, it must not case discomfort for the occupants. Finally, civil engineers are responsible for engineering design and analysis before the construction. Secondly, civil engineer also concerns the planning and management of the construction of structures such as: highways, bridges, airports, railroads, building, dams, and reservoirs. Construction of such projects...
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