Civil Disobedience: Breaking the Law and Causing Violence

Topics: Law, Human rights, Civil and political rights Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: February 28, 2011
Since the beginning of civilization, societies have realized the differences in individuals. Such differences have lead to the increasing acts of injustice throughout the world. With injustice comes protestors, who are willing to disobey the law for their cause. Lewis H. Can Dusen Jr., a distinguished lawyer in “Civil Disobedience: Destroyer of Democracy” wrote that “civil disobedience involves a deliberate and punishable breach of legal duty” (188). Like myself, Dusen condemns civil disobedience because it causes violence and breaks laws

Civil Disobedience allows more violence to erupt throughout societies. Protestors rely on acts of civil disobedience because they feel it is the fastest way to right the injustice they have suffered. But these civil rights leaders fail to realize that “when they are disobeying what they consider to be an immoral law, they are deciding on a possibly immoral course” (191). When there are acts of civil disobedience, disorder will follow and violence won’t be that far away. They view such acts as the only way to bring “immediate action and that any injuries are the inevitable cost of the pursuit of justice” (191). However, like Dusen I feel this is wrong.

When one participates in civil disobedience, they are breaking the law. Like Dusen said, “Even the most noble act of civil disobedience assaults the rule of law” (192). When one thinks of civil disobedience, defiance of authority pops up to one’s head. For example, Socrates, Ghandi and Thoreau, although they were fighting for what they believed was injustice, they withhold taxes and violated state laws knowing that, that was legally wrong.

Civil Disobedience, even though it is necessary, it should ultimately not be done because it will cause violence and it breaks laws.
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