Civil Disobedience

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  • Published : October 11, 2010
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Civil Disobedience

The laws and regulations that have been set on our country are primarily what the government see as appealing to the American public. Much like in the Mexican American War which Thoreau referes to show that the majority is capable of taking over authority. In the essay he also referes to slavery to prove the same point. In Civil Disobedience Henry David Thoreau's argument that the American people should question the government and it's authority is logical because it shows that the public has more of a say and that the actions of the men fighting show more American customs than the actual government.

The people involved in the struggle are one of the three types that Thoreau describes. The first serve the state with their bodies, which means that they are seen as less by the government but in reality they are the ones responsible for change. They exercise no judgement and allow themselves to become pawns. These include the military and police and make up largest of the three. The second serve the state with their heads. These include politicians and ministers, who are praised by the people because of their education Thwy are the reason that we truly look up yo our government, they are the reason why society is blinded. We allow them to talk and give us ideas, but rarely do they have legitemant ways to go about these plans; however we listen and obey because throughought history ir is what we have been taught. The third serve the state with their consciences through resistance and are therefore often treated as enemies. Civil disobedients make up this third type of men (Thoreau 266). These are the men that strive to show the weakness and uselessness of the government, amd are responsible for the true successes of our country.

An individual who feels that the actions of the state are unjust would certainly be influenced by his beliefs and social position. A man versed in Christian doctrine...
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