Civic Engagement Assignment

Topics: Apple Inc., Problem solving, Consumer protection Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: March 16, 2013
315 China Consumers’ Association

What is 315 China Consumers’ Association? What is their mission? According to the State Council approval, China Consumers’ Association is founded by December 1984. Their mission is supervising safety of commodity foods and service; protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Activities: This organization would do a lot of research on every year, and each year 15 March they have evening party, announcing some problems of products and service. Just few days ago 15 March on the evening party, China Consumers’ Association announce that Apple Company in China’s service clause is different from other’s country, when a consumer’s apple product has some problem with it and this product still under warranty, they should change a new product to the consumer, but in china they would not change it for you. They just try to fix it and change used product to consumer. And they also expose that McDonald’s in China, they use unhygienic meat to make hamburger. They would expose a lot of companies on that day. Such as China Bank, restaurants, market, supermarket and so on.

Contact: Chinese consumer society address:
Haidian district no.8 fucheng GanGuKou way a north street, number 12, 3 floors China consumers' association Zip code: 100037
Telephone: 010-63253100
Complaints hotline: 010-63281315
Chinese consumer magazine circulation department: 010-63253129, 010-63253145, 010-63253129

In China, we have lots of problem like these things, and this organization will help us and protect our interests. If you some day, travel to China get some bad services, you can contact them, they will help you solve your problems.
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