Civic Education

Topics: Conflict, Sociology, Human Pages: 4 (1285 words) Published: January 8, 2013
In this discussion, I will critically look at the concept of conflict and critically examine some causes of conflict. Conflicts occur and exist among people of various reasons and causes; it is therefore encumbered upon this discussion to bring out some common causes of conflicts in many communities and societies. I shall end the discussion by considering some remedies that can be applied in order to alleviate the impact of conflicts in cases where they escalate into violent ones The word ‘Conflict’ is as old as human being because it has been in existence in all spheres of human life since the inception of the whole world. In the recent past, the world socio-political environs have been on the boil despite the colossal amount of human and material resources expended on global peace and conflict management by several Nations, States, Regional Organizations and the United Nations. Rather than the global crisis diminishing in spite of the several steps taken, it is becoming more virulent and destructive because it has continued to drain the energy and man power resources of the troubled spots if not the entire world and emasculate governance.( Drukkman, D. 1993) According to Webster Dictionary, Vol. 1, 1971, the word Conflict is derived from the Latin word “confligere” meaning to “strike together. Lexically, Conflict means “to strike, to dasy. A fight, struggle or battle, clash, contention, confrontation, a controversy or quarrel, active opposition, strife or incompatibility, to meet in opposition or hostility, to contend, to be contrary or to be at variance”. Conflict also means contradiction arising from differences in interests, ideas, ideologies, orientations, beliefs, perceptions and tendencies. Although conflict is a normal, natural and inevitable phenomenon in any interactive situation of human life, the contradictions exists at all levels of the society intra psychic/personal, interpersonal, intra groups, inter group, institution, intra...
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