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Cival Rights Dairy

By | September 2012
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Amanda Redden
Civil Rights Dairy
Mrs. Farenick

February 21, 1965

I was sitting on the left side of the stage in Audubon ballroom, not far from the stage. I was there impatiently with the other people that filled up the ballroom. We were sitting on the wooden folding seats. The guards of Malcolm were directing the people to their seats. When I was sitting down waiting for Malcolm to come out and “name the men who firebombed his house last Sunday” I overheard people talking. They were saying “Malcolm is our only hope”. “You can depend on him to tell it like it is and to give Whitey hell”. There was a man who came out on the stage and said “I now give you Brother Malcolm. I hope you will listen, hear and understand.” As Malcolm walked out on the stage everyone in the room stood up from their wooden seats cheering as he went to the podium. There was a set of drums and a piano that he had past for the evening dance that was going to happen later on. After everyone got quiet and seated Malcolm looked up and then said “A salaam aleikum” and we all said back to him “Wa aleikum salaam”. Malcolm was wearing a dapper dark suit. His hair was twinkling from the spotlight that was on him. Malcolm said “Brothers and Sisters…” He was interrupted by two men that were front and center of the stage. Then in the back of the room there was a brawl, and as I turned my head to see what all the commotion was I heard Malcolm X say his LAST words. They were “Now Brothers break it up. Be cool, be calm.” All of a sudden I heard a loud noise that was gun shots that were being fired from a double barrel shotgun to the chest and face of Malcolm X. He fell directly back to the chairs that were behind him. The two men that went up to him, started to head to my side of the room to the exits. I dropped down to the floor because the men that were running to the exits started shooting violently. I then got up from the floor and started to run trying to find a way out of...

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