Citywide Curfew

Topics: Thought, Critical thinking, Mind Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: February 10, 2011
Citywide Curfew
Yes the citywide curfew should be changed for various reasons. I think that there shouldn’t be a curfew on weekends. There would be less crime and there would be fewer teens in juvenile. Logically there shouldn’t be a curfew on weekends because if there wasn’t the police wouldn’t be so worried about teenagers under 17. The curfew van wouldn’t be picking people up at all. The parents should be able to raise their children or child how they please, and of they allow their child to stay out all the times of the night then that’s on the parents. They may feel as though they can trust their teens enough to let them stay out as long as they want. An emotional reason for not having curfew is because teens are old enough to know what’s right and what’s wrong. Most teens know how to take care of themselves. We believe curfews are for childish and immature teens. I feel like we only shouldn’t have curfews on weekends because we like to hang out with our friends and have fun. We don’t want to be stuck in the house angry because we want to go somewhere, but we know the even doesn’t start until late. Less people would be in juvenile because they wouldn’t get caught by a curfew van for being out past a certain time. The government is not a babysitter. There are constitutional rights under attack by curfews as the First Amendment which is the right to peaceably assemble. There are a large number of crimes being committed with this curfew situation because people don’t think it’s fair and so they want to go crazy and do make stupid decisions and actions without thinking wisely. These are the reasons I believe citywide curfew should be changed to no curfew on weekends. To persuade people about this major situation I thought about it logically, emotionally, and ethnically to determine my arguments wisely.
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