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This report is about the management structure that is applied in CITYCELL. In this report all the four basic functions of Management were discussed.

CITYCELL as one of the most popular mobile phone company applies top-down approach in setting their plans and objectives. The board of directors hold most of the authority in setting plans and subordinates are not consulted that much. CITYCELL applies MBO. CITYCELL operates in an opportunistic market but the unstable political environment and government policies are the main threats to the company.

In organizing the management flow CITYCELL emphasizes mainly on the traditional way. To run this growing business the span of management is comparatively wider. CITYCELL is not a family business and as a result there lies a strong formal relationship among the top level of management, and the tendency of delegation of authority is comparatively centralized.

Recruitment of employees in CITYCELL is a lot different from most other companies. Being a SBU of Pacific group, CITYCELL recruits many employees. Processes for recruiting people are quite similar to that of most other companies. In many cases managers are selected even before the job itself is designed. The managers predict that the demand for managers might go up in near future. However, there were little signs of training and development in CITYCELL.

Leadership in CITYCELL is a bit different from other companies mainly because now most of the other companies do not follow any traditional method but CITYCELL is mainly based on the traditional methods. That is why the workers working under this type of condition do not have much more freedom and the decision making process is really a very lengthy process. However, teamwork in CITYCELL is very limited and it needs to be improved. The leaders are neither too autocratic nor too participative. The overall satisfaction level is quite good among employees in CITYCELL.

CITYCELL managers believe that planning and controlling are very closely related and there should be a balance between these two functions. Managers in CITYCELL maintain this balance by applying flexible plans and strict controlling process. Most managers in CITYCELL are very strict about control standards. The main critical standards that are used in the controlling process are speed and quality. CITYCELL applies feed forward system for controlling. In their own words, the top-level managers “chase the subordinates” to accomplish goals.


In 1994, Mr. M. A. Hashem, Chairman of RC Cola Group visited an International Trade Exhibition in the US, where he happened to meet the executives of Royal Crown Cola Co. International. From then on he started conceptualizing the idea of “RC” beverage brand in Bangladesh. With international brand name recognition and quality he expected that it would gain acceptability in the Bangladesh market.

When he returned, a wide range of marketing research was carried out by RC Cola as well as RC International. After positive results, in 1996, the Corporate Head and the Directors formed RC Cola Beverage Ltd. Mr. Ashfak Aziz (Rubel), one of the pioneers of the concept of RC, was given the position of Managing Director. Funds worth Tk. 10 Crore were raised as part of Equity from the Group. Although registered as a Public Limited Company, no public offerings have been made as yet. The factory was setup in Rajendrapur, 40km away from Dhaka City. The company commenced commercial production on 6th October 1997, and RC was launched in Dhaka on 20th October 1997. This is the story of how RC Cola Beverage Limited became the sole official bottler of Royal Crown Cola Co. International. Their mission is to provide value at an economic cost, progress in diversity, and continue to contribute to the growth of industrialization in Bangladesh by being...
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