City Year and Timberland

Topics: City Year, The Timberland Company Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Timberland Case
Summary: This case gives us an overall understanding of the Timberland Company in a nutshell. We capture and understanding of what Timberland stands. We receive brief historical background such as when and why it was created and also how. Timberland has committed to positivity, charities, and making the world a better place. Also, Timberland has grown and succeeded as a company, with its employees, and also is philanthropy. Timberland is definitely on a great path to service.

1. What motivated Timberland to launch its Path to Service program and other philanthropic and service initiatives? In 1989, Jeff Swartz who is the grandson of the founder and CEO contributed some boots and began a community service at a metropolitan service corps. It was for young children called City year. He defined this experience as something priceless and thought that service could be part of business as something important. The program Path to Service was created in 1992. Timberland trusts that this type of service has a confident influence on people. Also, it encourages individuals to do something optimistic in the community. Timberland is creating value for the company, its shareholders, consumers, community, and the world. The company is committed to doing well. 2. Cost Timberland experiences:

1. They pay excessive hours of labor per full time employee and hours of labor per part time employee they have. 2. Timberland also gives its pre-tax income in form of donations resulting in a decline of their next income. 3. Costs from shoe and clothing donations.

4. Costs of their accommodations during the day of “Serv-A-Palooza”. Benefits that occur are:
1. Job gratification to Timberland workers as they are compensated to contribute in unpaid programs they enjoy. 2. Activities bond the workplace together through the numerous stages of command. 3. Positive media publicity and strengthening of relationships. 4. Through the charities they...
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