City vs Country Living

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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It is different living in a big city compared to living in the country. Living in the city is like living in the fast lane compared to living in the country where everything is slow. In the city everything is so close to you. When I lived in Chesapeake, Virginia everything that you needed was at most ten minutes away. Now I live in New Bavaria, Ohio and everything is at least 15 minutes away including school. When I was in Virginia I walked to school every day and it took me only ten minutes because school was only a mile down the road. Now I could not even walk if I wanted to because it is almost ten miles away.

Also in the country there are not any apartment communities. In Virginia there were nothing but little communities and apartment complexes. I lived in an apartment complex for my whole life that was right across from a neighborhood with little communities inside of it. The only bad thing was that the neighborhood was not the greatest place to be. It was what most people would call the “hood.” It was not the greatest place to be at night because of how many gangs were living in that neighborhood. In the country there are not any neighborhoods or any bad neighborhoods like there were in Virginia.

Also there were many interstates compared to the country. The country has mainly highways that run through small towns unlike in cities there are interstates that run along and around cities that lead where ever. In Virginia there are also huge bridges that go over rivers and the biggest one they have is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. It runs over the Chesapeake Bay and has two tunnels and three bridges.

Some good things about country life are that you do not have to worry about neighbors like you do in the city. Also you can have music really loud or be able to go outside and shoot guns and do not have to worry about your neighbor getting annoyed because they can’t hear you. If you do any of that in the city, your neighbors will call the cops on you...