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MAIN TITLESAs the curtains are opening:The Old Guy:There used to be a staff of fifty in this place. I'm the only one left from those days. It all comes down to one sap: thenight-shift bellhop, that's me. What in the world is a bellhop?You know where the name comes from?Ted is trying to keep up/being nervous. Before he can say somethignt eh old guy continuesOf course not. . . . It's so simple it's stupid. They ring a bell and you hop. You hop to front and center. No heroes in this line, kid. Just men doing a job. No questions asked, none answered. I try to keep it simple, kid, not too personal. . . .what did you say your name was again?Ted: (nervously) TedTHE OLD GUY: Aaah Ted! *the old guy puts his cap onto teds head*Frankly, you look stupid . . . like a politician at a charity fundraiser. I can't believe I wore that thing for fifty years. You keep it.The Old Guy gets up from the bed and throws a jacket on. Pulls a fewpostcards off the wall, throws them in an old straw suitcase, and slams thelid down. He heads for the door. Ted follows.THE OLD GUYStay away from night clerks, kid and marital disputes.TEDOkay..You got any other advice.THE OLD GUYAlways get a tip.The door slams shut on the back room.The old man, suitcase in hand, makes a beeline through the lobby, heading toward the front door.Betty enters from the other side and Betty sees him.BETTYSam! Hey, Sam,...
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