City Road

Topics: Bus, Wheelchair, Crime Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: May 22, 2013
City Road is a busy, diverse but also very ordinary road in Cardiff. After watching the DVD I noticed quite a number of aspects that could favour one social group over another, first I will discuss the issue of public transport. Take for example Busses, they are easy and convenient for the majority of passengers who use them to get from A to B without too much bother, however, Disabled people who are less mobile and/or parents with babies in pushchairs are at a disadvantage. Nothing about taking the bus is convenient, the gap between the pavement and the bus makes actually getting on the bus more difficult to begin with, then there is the issue of space. It is designed to seat as many people as it can, which means less vacuous space to manoeuvre and place wheelchairs and pushchairs. Also because of the lack of physical space, it makes it harder to get into a position where you are not blocking the aisle or holding people up who want to get off the bus.

Another would be that pedestrians seem to be favoured more so than motorists. For instance the islands in the middle of the road, they are there to make crossing City Road safer and more convenient to those who travel by foot. The island isn’t just the concrete mound in the middle of the road, it also includes the paint on the ground around it which cars are not allowed to drive over. Again, the bollards that were erected along the pavements are there to favour pedestrians. The reason why they were put there is to stop vehicles parking on the curbs, which was a problem before the bollards were put in place as the cars and lorries would park right over the pavements making it difficult for people to walk past and leaving less space for people with prams or wheelchairs to go round. Some things favour different groups because they appeal to different groups. Take for example the Taste Buds Café; one thing that struck me straight away was that the majority of the customers in there were predominantly female...
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