City or Country Living

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April Bieri
Joyce Staples
English 111
October 26, 2011

Living in the City or Country

There are many advantages and disadvantages of living in the city or country. In big cities we find good arrangements for education. Big college’s even universities are found here. Even him of ordinary means can give his sons and daughters the highest education according to their financial capacity. There are also a very large number of schools both for boys and girls in very city. They also provide well-equipped libraries and reading rooms for public use. Such arrangements do not exist in small towns or in the country. Cities also provide ample medical facilities. In every city, there are good hospitals in which the poor get free medicines and treatment. Many well-qualified private doctors are available serve the sick and the suffering. Lack of such medical arrangement is a drawback of the country. Usually in a small town or small country there may be only one doctor’s office and the hospital doesn’t cover everything that you would need in a hospital. Besides this, cities also provide many fine opportunities for amusement and recreation. In every city there are a number of movie theatre and possibly live theatres, where they can enjoy the best pictures and dramatic performance. There are also a number of restaurants and hotels where we can get the best of the finest quality. There are also many parks and gardens where we can enjoy natural beauty at its best. The markets of the city, especially when brilliantly lighted at night, are better than many exhibitions and fairs. The most important advantages of cities are the job availability. They are centers of trade and commerce. There are big offices as well as large number of factories and mills. Those with every kind of qualification can easily find a job that would suit them. No such opportunities exist in small towns or country where the people depend mostly on farming. Cities have many advantages and disadvantages....
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