City of Riverside Resident - Stakeholder Presentations

Topics: The Residents, Devin Townsend, Recycling Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: May 24, 2013
City of Resident # 1 - Good (morning), (afternoon), (evening) Kardell Paper Company board of directors. Kardell Paper Co. has been a good company, employing 500 people from our town.  You have always complied with regulatory agencies, and have been compliant with releasing only very small quantities of sonox. Test showed there were higher concentrations at Kardell Paper Company’s discharge point; however you remain compliant with regulations. Yes, we realize that you are not the only company discharging waste into the Cherokee River. We, the citizens of Riverside can only be concerned with the health and well being of the citizens of Riverside now, and continuing well into the future of our town.  The citizens of Riverside are concerned with recent developments and the lack of knowledge about this chemical sonox, and therefore believe it is in everyone’s interest and well being for Kardell Paper Company to take a more active role in determining the risk involved in using this chemical in your processes. One reason is the fact that the town of Riverside should be considered a part of your own families, after all your primary base of employees live, work, and play in the town of Riverside.             We, the citizens of Riverside would ask that you please keep us informed about any and all test related to this chemical and any facts that are discovered.  Please continue to test and research this chemical sonox. After all, this town is a part of your company’s family, and should be kept informed about all pending test results and findings. The people of Riverside are concerned citizens of Riverside’s health and prosperity and would appreciate being included in any actions taken to limit the risk of our citizens concerned now and in any future matters related to the town’s people of Riverside.

City of Resident # 2 - First, I would like to thank the board for allowing the city of Riverside and the residents to present our position.  We would like for Kardell to...
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