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Challenges of Law Enforcement Assessment
The City of Miami Florida
November 4, 2012
Dr. Moran

The City of Miami of Florida
Miami is considered the largest city in the state of Florida. Many tourist articles describe this city as a unique city of contrasts, contradictions, and extremes. Currently, the city of Miami is home for many celebrities, entertainers, athletes, retired families and upcoming tourist and immigrants who migrated to this tourist center of a city. Unfortunately, the city also has a negative side; Miami Florida has served as a refuge for the famous and infamous, including gangsters during Prohibition, serial killers, deposed Latin American dictators, sheiks, rock stars, artists, writers, athletes, and just about anyone starting over. As political conditions in the Western Hemisphere fluctuate, Miami continues to be a destination for waves of refugees (Miami, 1998).

According to the Encyclopedia or Urban America (1998), Miami currently has the largest percentage of foreign-born residents of any metropolitan area in the United States. With over half its population of Hispanic origin and more than one-fifth black, many from the Caribbean, Miami is multiculturalism. Immigrants, who choose to migrate in the city of Miami, are presented with the opportunity and the lifestyle of starting from the very bottom of the financial and social pyramid, work hard, and abide by the laws and regulations with the expectations of success and benefiting their families. The Cubans, Nicaraguan, and Haitian are working hard to gain one common goal, success, and climbing their current financial status. The American dream is more than just alive in the minds of the immigrants who migrate to this preferred destination.

The city of Miami is also known as Magic city, known for the diverse and ethnic culture in South Florida. The City of Miami is also the home for the Miami heat basketball team and the Miami Dolphins football team. The City of Miami has been the vacation hotspot for college spring vacations and family vacations for the social life offered in the City.

According to the Census of 2000, Miami’s population is made up of 362,470 and by the end of 2011; the population is expected to increase to 390,191 individuals. The Census of 2000 also illustrates that the city of Miami has a sixty percent Hispanic population, a twenty-three percent of African American population and only a twelve percent of Caucasian population. Individuals between the ages of twenty to forty-four make up more than thirty-nine percent of the population, followed by people who are between the ages of sixty to seventy four, which makes up about twenty percent of the city’s population. Unemployment rate is as low as ten percent (Miami Government, 2011).

Population of Miami (Florida)
Miami is the State of Florida’s largest city as well as the largest city in Miami-Dade County. Dating back to the Cuban Revolution of 1959, the City of Miami had an influx of Cuban immigrants and over the years developed into a major city and became a cosmopolitan. Many immigrants fled countries that had a crumbling economy or imposed political sanctions or persecution. Along with immigrants, Miami has a large population of retirees from the North and Midwest. The large migration to Miami brought other changes, resulting in Miami having the image of an international city making it a gateway to Latin America. Miami has experienced major population shifts throughout its history. Over time, more people have migrated from rural to urban regions of Florida in search of a change in lifestyle, economic pursuits, and social...
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