City of God

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  • Published : June 19, 2012
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Laura Schneider
Sociology 1
The City of God

After watching “The City of God”, I personally can see the correlation that crime plays in association with poverty, social influence, and lack of law and order. Though my perspective vastly varies from that of sociological theorists, I think we can both conclude that this movie is an extreme representation as to what can occur when society shuns away disadvantaged youths to a place that lacks justice as well as ethical and moral responsibilities. Sociological perspectives regarding crime emphasize the interconnections between conformity and deviance in different social contexts (cite). In the following paper I will attempt to analyze three sociological theories and apply their views to the movie “The City of God”. These theories include; Functionalist, Internationalist, Conflict, and Control Theories. The Functionalist perspective, otherwise known as functionalism is a major sociological theoretical perspective introduced by Emile Durkheim. Functionalism interprets each part of society in terms of how it contributes to society as a whole. For example, disorder in a social system, such as crime and deviant behavior affects more than just the individual but society as a whole. Disruption of the social order can bring about social challenges and change. In the movie, “The City of God” deviant behavior by the main characters, including dealing drugs and killing people was considered the norm in a poverty stricken, lawless area of Rio de Janeiro. Lil Z more or less owns “The City of God”; and inflicts violence and fear on vulnerable members of rival gangs. Social forces take over and others are forced to adhere to his rules and regulations of the “hood”. Furthermore, sociologist Robert K. Merton believed that deviance is a by-product of economic inequalities. (cite). The disadvantaged boys in this movie had limited opportunities for prosperity and the lack of order and structure allowed for the rebels of the film...
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