City of Ember Comparitive Essay

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Comparative Essay
The City of Ember
The City of Ember movie characters and book characters had many differences and similarities. This essay will point out similarities and differences of Doon Harrow, Lina Mayfleet, Mayor Cole, Clary and Captain Fleery in the book and movie. Doon Harrow

In the book Doon has a temper issue and is very serious, and also throws a shoe heel at his dad. In the movie Doon doesn’t seem to lose his temper once. He looks very much composed.
In the book Doon’s specified age is twelve years old. In the movie Doon looks much older and taller than a typical twelve year old.
In the book Doon loves bugs and insects
In the movie he only heals an injured moth and looks at an insect book, only for a second.
Doon wants to be an electrician’s helper or pipeworks labourer in both the movie and the book; he also is good at building things and mechanics (pg 12).
In the book Doon is described with broad bushy eyebrows and always his brown corduroy jacket. In the movie he doesn’t have bushy eyebrows and doesn’t wear a corduroy jacket (pg6). In both the book and the movie Doon has black shaggy hair.

Lina Mayfleet
In both the book and the movie Lina wants the occupation of messenger (pg 12)
In the book Lina is described of having long dark hair. In the movie Lina has standard blonde hair.
In both the book and movie Lina is an orphan and lives with both granny and her beloved younger sister Poppy.
In the both the movie and book she receives her messenger jacket and station, From Captain Fleery. In the book Lina buys two coloured pencils from Looper. In the movie she does not buy any pencils and drew a picture with a crayon.

In both the book and movie Lina stays with Mrs.Murdo after granny’s death.
In the book Lina dances on the roof of the gathering hall (pg 38). In the movie she leaves immediately after delivering the message.

Mayor Cole
In both the book and movie Mayor Cole is highly corrupt and doesn’t care for the...
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