City of Bones Summary

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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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In the beginning of the book City of Bones Clary doesn’t know that she is a shadowhunter. She and her best friend Simon, who is secretly in love with her, go to a night club, where Clary meets Jace, Alec, and Isabella and witnesses Jace murder a boy, whom Jace says was a demon. The next day Clary receives a scary phone call from her mother telling her not to come home. When Clary does race home she finds her mother missing, her apartment trashed, and a demon waiting for her. Clary manages to kill the demon, but is hurt in the process, Jace finds her and takes her back to the Institute where he lives and learns how to be a shadowhunter. Once she wakes up from a coma induced by demon blood poisoning she officially meets Alec and Isabella Lightwood and Hodge, the kids tutor. What they can’t figure out is why Clary all of the sudden has the Sight and can see them. They bring in a Silent Brothers, who is a member of a group of men who can’t or speak, the special thing about the Silent Brothers is that that they can go into people’s minds and see their memories. They also speak to people through their minds. When Brother Jeremiah can’t reach Clary’s memories she has to go back to the Silent City with Jace so that all of the Brothers can work on her. In the Silent City the brothers all work in her mind, but something is blocking out her memories and past experiences. There is only a name that they have to work with, Magnus Bane. When the kids travel to Brooklyn to a party that Magnus Bane is holding Clary finds out more about her memory blockage which has been put on her by Magnus since he is a warlock. Clary’s mother made him block it so that she wouldn’t have anything to do with the shadowhunting world. While at the party Simon is turned into a rat after drinking a faerie drink. When he is late taken by a vampire by accident Clary and Jace go to Hotel Dumort to find Simon. They get into a fight with the vampires and Simon bites Raphael, who is their stand in leader....
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