City Living and Social Interaction

Topics: City, Urban area, Georg Simmel Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: March 28, 2013
City Living and Social Interaction
How much are we affected by the environment we live in? Based on the ideas on Georg Simmel the way we think and comprehend the things around as can all be effected by the region we live it. “The Metropolis and Mental Life" by Georg Simmel is a essay stating how each individuals are effected by where they are positioned in our society. He explains the difference in the lifestyles of people living in urban cities compared to people living in rural cities. Georg Simmel believes that by living in a urban city we are forced to play a supporting role to the many things going on around us. Because of the busyness of the city we are dominated by the objectivism and we forget subjectivism. Simmel believes that as humans live in urban cities that are forced to only pay attention to the things that are essential to our lives. For example in a rural region one may stop and communicate to the people through out the area, but in a urban city you do not have time to communicate with everyone. Over time we start to view these people who we do not acknowledge less and less until they are seen as objects.

“Man's nature, originally good and common to all, should develop unhampered. In addition to more liberty, the nineteenth century demanded the functional specialization of man and his work; this specialization makes one individual incomparable to another, and each of them indispensable to the highest possible extent.” (Georg Simmel, pg 392) “The Metropolis and Mental Life" states that by living in a city our mind begins to act intellectual, not emotional. This causes us to only focus on the thinks that that important to get through our own life and we lose value in the little things. Simmel describes this as "blasé" means that we become uninterested and unconcerned by the things around us because of over exposure. Simmel believes that although urban life can cause us to unappreciative the smaller element of our lives. Although rural life...
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