City Life Versus Farm Life

Topics: Semi-detached, City, Rural Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Living in the city or in a farm is a dilemma that many young people, especially those thinking of starting a new life such as fresh couples, are faced with in their quest to live happily. Studies have shown that where one decides to reside will have a huge impact on his sense of happiness and satisfaction with life (filton & Griffith, 2008). It’s therefore vital to consider al the pros and cons of these two settings, comparing them to your needs and preferences before settling in a city or a farm setting. This essay will be highlighting the main factors of modern living that people look at in deciding to live a city or rural life. The first consideration would be the type of housing available compared to the type of home one desires. A look at the city gives a variety of houses ranging from apartments, flats, condominium, townhouses to hotel suites and flats due to the various types of people that live and/or work there. In the rural setting on the other hand, the variety is limited to single-family detached homes, some mobile homes and occasional low-rise apartment buildings. These homes in the rural areas are cheaper and come with more available land. The second factor of consideration is the second basic need i.e. food availability. The city offers variety of dining options and various types of foods are available. One can choose to dine in the many restaurants e.g. Chinese, African restaurants or the many fast food shops around. Availability of grocery shops and supermarkets in the city, also gives variety to those who wish to cook their own food. In the rural areas, fewer restaurants are available but the food available is fresh farm produce unlike the city foods which are refined. One can even opt to grow his or her own food or rear chicken for eggs and cows for milk and quality meat. The other consideration would be the availability of opportunities such as acquiring good education and career opportunities. Children in urban settings can brag about...
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