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Pune City Development Plan for JNNURM Project
Presentation to State Level Steering Committee

Pune Municipal Corporation

The Context of JNNURM

JNNURM seeks to develop cities that are aligned with citizens’ interests JNNURM will Support financial investments required by the city Seek reform commitments to ensure sustainability

JNNURM Expects Cities to Achieve Access to minimum level of services City wide framework for planning and governance Modern and transparent accounting, budgeting and financial management Financial sustainability Transparency and Governance E- governance for all core functions

JNNURM is the flagship Urban Infrastructure Financing Framework for ULBs in India OBJECTIVE : REFORMS IN URBAN SECTOR Funding by GOI for implementation of urban infrastructure improvement programme in a time bound manner in selected cities Envisages a consultative process for finalising the vision Performance based giving weightage to the soundness of the project Entire approach is demand driven and being monitored by experts Reform-linked assistance to states to accelerate and incentivise urban reforms Tri-partite MoA – MoUD, GoM and PMC The applicant of the fund can only be a municipal corporation

JNNURM provides leverage to ULBs for major investments in Urban Infrastructure Post independence population of India has grown 3 times,while urban has grown 5 times

28% of India‘s population lives in the Urban areas,which is projectetd to go to 40% by 2011

As per 2001 estimates the slum population is estimated at 61.8 million

Tremendous amount of pressure on the urban basic infrastructure and services It is estimated that over a seven-year period the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) would require a total investments of Rs. 1,20,000 crores To fructify these investments, a national level initiative is required to bring together the State Governments and enable ULBs catalyse investment flows in the urban infrastructure sector.

JNNURM fund for attaining the goal of creating economically productive, efficient, equitable and responsive cities

Key Reform Outcome & Responsibilities
Desired Outcome Financially selfsustainable cities ULB Responsibilities Adoption of accrual based accounting system • Property Tax reforms • E Governance • Levy user charges to achieve full cost recovery • Explore VRS scheme to reduce establishment cost •

State Responsibilities Devolve revenue sources • Transparent, predictable framework for transfers of grants •

Well functioning, efficient and equitable urban land market Transparent accountable governance and service delivery

Professionalise property mgmt • Simplify rezoning, construction • Computerize land titles • Earmark 20-25% land for EWS and LIG •

Repeal ULCRA • Reform Rent Control Act • Rationalize stamp duty • Devolve land management •

Introduce Area Sabhas and Ward Committees • Publish Performance Reports • Introduce service scorecards • Monitor service quality •

Public disclosure law • Community participation law • Integrate all civic infrastructure agencies under ULB •

City Development Plan shall be the base document to apply for JNNURM

City Development Plan

Timeline for Implementation of Reforms

Detailed Project Reports

Application for JNNURM funds Application for JNNURM funds

PMC started the CDP Process in Dec 2005
Technical assistance and guidance by FIRE Project (an Indo-USAID Programme) CRISIL, the consultants for preparation of CDP Stakeholder discussions an input to the process PMC Workshop 1 1
27th Dec’05

Mission Stakeholder workshop 7 7 Action stakeholder consultations

Mission stakeholder 11th Jan’05 consultations
20th Dec’05

Citizen Survey Stakeholder consultations Credit Strength Assessment 2 2 Vision and Mission statements

12 12

City Development Plan- The Approach
Where Where are we are we now? now?

What strategies What strategies are required? are required?

A perspective A perspective and and...
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