City at Night

I live on the ninth floor of the tallest building in the city. I often sit in my window and watch the drama unfolding below, seeing as I overlook the slum areas of Creedville. It is always darker down there. From the things I have witnessed, I have developed a great fear of being out after 9:00 pm. Most nights I would rather spend sitting in my only window watching below. One evening I had just sat down to watch the darkened scene below, when I saw a young looking man walking quickly toward a running car, parked under one of the only two street lights. He appeared to be nervous as he continued to look back over his shoulders. I watched more intently now. Then, just as suddenly as I noticed him, I saw three men in black, almost concealed in the darkness, moving swiftly up behind him. I watched as the shortest of the three pulled a gun out and began firing at the lone man. When I saw him hit the ground, I about fell out of my chair. Just as quickly as the three appeared, they vanished into a pitch black alley. I sat there trembling from what I had just witnessed. Too scared to call the police, I finally retreated to bed. There was another time; I believe I witnessed a woman getting mugged. From what I could tell it seemed to be a teenager mugging her. He jumped out of a car parked in the shadows. Swiftly he attacked her from behind hitting her in her legs. When she dropped to the ground, it appeared he was demanding her purse, for she quickly handed it over to him. He threw it into the car, and then he hit her again in her side.
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