City and Country Living

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City living and country living have a wide range of differences and similarities but every day new people enter each and call it there home. When living in the city you are an on-the go kind of person and enjoy the world at a fast pace. In comparison to a country living style when time stands still. It’s as though you watch as the seasons come and pass every year. Both have many positives and some negatives but it’s a very hard choice when you are talking about living in a jam packed city compared to a spacious in the country-side.

While living in the city, you have numerous things to do the opportunities are endless. On any given night you can walk around and enjoy the wonders of the city the sights, sounds, and delightfulness takes your breath away at all times. In addition the city has other things that also are beneficial like numerous cultures that live there and how they are portrayed through the different clubs and restaurants throughout the city. Also a great thing about the city is its different array of foods you can eat an expensive dinner or you can stop on the corner and get a hot dog. The city also has many different bar like atmospheres where you can get a casual dinner, or you can have an alcoholic beverage and enjoy yourself. Being a city-dweller you are always around excitement and a great place to make-a-living seeming that there are so many opportunities for work.

Although the city seems to have a lot of great things, the country can offer just as much excitement as the city does just in a different type of excitement. The country is a marvelous place to live it offers a very relaxing feel, and is filled with magnificent views. Even though you’re not living there you can still access the city via transportation. Also the country can maybe help you become a more self-sufficient person, growing your own produce and becoming more of an outdoors person often enjoying the voices of nature through the night with crickets chirping or the...
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