Citizenship in America

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Citizenship in America

By | Feb. 2007
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Aren't we lucky to live in and be citizen of the United States of America, a place of freedoms and opportunities? This a place where we are lucky enough to freely practice any religion without having to worry about the law getting in the way. How many places can you find that? The numbers are very few. America is a place where we can peacefully protest without fear of government interference. We also have the right to privacy, in most cases. A major thing that we have the right to do as citizens is to vote no matter what race, color or gender, where we, the people, choose our officials. We also are able to have a jury in trial, so not just one man chooses our fate in court. We also are fortunate to have a free press, not run by the government, not telling us only what they want us to hear.

In America, we are lucky enough to not have slavery. If you look at other countries and compare their rights to ours, you will find out that only a few of the people residing on this planet are privileged enough to be able to enjoy the things that we do. No, we are not that popular in other countries. Yet, if you go into a foreign land and ask someone if they would like to came back to America with you, in all likelihood they would say yes. Yes, we are very lucky indeed to live in, and be a citizen of, the United States of America.

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